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Folio Shareholder Platform:
Building Shareholder Loyalty is Good for Business

“Until now, the only way non-publicly tradable REITs could support their shareholders was with expensive, inflexible Transfer Agent platforms that cost issuers like us millions of dollars.
Folio changed this.”

– Bobby Bowers, CFO, Piedmont Office Realty Trust

At Folio Institutional, we make it easy to build shareholder loyalty through our Folio Shareholder Platform (FSP)—a reliable, streamlined and cost-effective way for shareholders to hold your stock and reinvest in your company. That’s why companies choose to work with us.

Through the FSP, companies like yours can now place their shareholder accounts on a platform that allows investors to hold and purchase more of your common stock—at little to no cost to you.

FSP - Better for Issuers

  • No platform costs: Convert your registered shareholder program accounts to the FSP and benefit from no registered shareholder or customer service costs.
  • No “paper” or mailing costs: One-click online proxy voting with electronic proxy statement, annual report and other document delivery at FINRA approved rates.
  • Can stand alone or together: Our FSP can live alongside existing direct registered shareholder plans, DSPP and DRiPs—or replace them. The choice is yours.

FSP - Better for Shareholders

  • Fractional Share Trading: Shareholders can buy and sell any dollar amount they want—regardless of share price—and with no minimums.
  • Free Automatic Dividend Reinvestment: Shareholders can enjoy free automatic dividend reinvestment, as well as automatic purchases and sales.
  • Full Transparency & Control: Shareholders can see their whole portfolio—and all of their holdings—all the time, anytime.

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