Model Manager Exchange

Model Manager Exchange provides access to portfolio managers on our platform who license their model portfolios or strategies to other professionals. This expands the universe of portfolio models and strategies available to you.

Accessing and Using Model Manager Exchange

Access Model Manager Exchange by logging into your account and going to the Resource Center.

Models are listed with their names, objectives, and contact information for the manager.1 To license a model, contact its manager directly. All licensing and compensation arrangements are negotiated entirely between yourself and the model manager.

We provide Model Manager Exchange as a service for all registered advisors and broker-dealers who use our platform.

How Can I Make My Models Available on the Exchange

Contact your sales representative. They’ll provide you with complete eligibility information and the forms to register your models on Model Manager Exchange.2

1. We do not make any determination that any model manager or model manager investment strategy is suitable or appropriate for you or your clients' use. We do not review, sponsor, endorse, recommend or receive any compensation from any model manager and we do not determine the suitability of, or provide advice regarding, any model manager or model manager investment strategy. If you implement any model manager investment or strategy you must determine for yourself and your clients whether the investment or strategy is suitable for your use on their behalf.

2. We require portfolio managers seeking to have their models displayed on Model Manager Exchange to have a minimum level of assets on our platform. These assets must be invested following one or more of the models they wish to offer for license in order to qualify for participation in Model Manager Exchange. We may, in our sole discretion, waive this requirement or impose other conditions. For more information about these requirements, please contact your sales representative.