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Release Notes


  • Trading– Models and Allocations tab being replaced with Trade Center. The new interface provides increased visibility, responsive design and additional features.
  • Trading– Handling of mixed T1/T3 trades can be modified to reduce potential cancelled orders due to mixed settlement of trades.
  • API ACAT Transfer Service– Ability to initiate and manage incoming ACAT transfer requests via API.
  • Client Communication– Annual email and physical address verification shown to clients will now use an Item for Attention (IFA).
  • Corporate Actions– Ability to elect multiple clients for voluntary corporate actions.
  • Platform Enhancements– Improved functionality during system updates to allow for uninterrupted account opening.
  • Various Bug Fixes


  • Model Management– Ability to automatically make new models created by an advisor available to all advisors within the advisory firm, this setting can be turned on upon request.
  • Transfer Money– New micro-deposit and owner approval bank link verification. All new bank links will need to be micro-deposit verified and owner approved before they can be used for money transfers.
  • New API services/enhancements
  • Various Bug Fixes


  • Distribution Reinvestment– Additional options for the handling of distributions within a folio:
    • Reinvest distributions of $1 or more in the securities that paid them; distributions under $1 pay to account cash balance
    • NEW – Reinvest distributions of $1 or more in the securities that paid them; distributions under $1 pay to FDIC.CASH within the folio
    • Do not reinvest distributions (pay to account cash balance).
    • NEW – Do not reinvest distributions; pay to FDIC.CASH within the folio
  • New API Services/Enhancements
    • Owner Verification Service – Ability to submit bank link owner verification for an advisor entered bank link
    • Document Submission Service – Ability to send Account or Member documents for processing
  • Security– CAS 4.0.1 has been upgraded to provide SSO (Single Sign On) capabilities to partners
  • Browser Compatibility– Updated site navigation and rendering for Safari browser
  • Transfer Money– Performance Improvements
  • Various Bug Fixes


  • Platform Enhancements– Advisor Connexion Improvements.


  • Platform Enhancements– Performance Enhancements for Dashboard.
  • Platform Enhancements– Improvements to Transfer Activity Tool.
  • Various Bug Fixes


  • Trading– Compliance with Tick Pilot Test Security Groups.
  • Security– Redesign of Second Factor.
  • API– Enhanced Transfer Money Services.
  • Various Bug Fixes