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Folio(k)™: A New Revolution in the 401(k) Marketplace

Folio(k) is revolutionary. An effective, transparent, low-cost retirement plan solution, Folio(k) enables advisors and retirement plan specialists to offer a turn-key, professionally advised retirement solution to their business clients.

The weaknesses in typical 401(k) plans are increasingly apparent. Investors may face limited or poor investment offerings and do not possess enough knowledge both to construct well-diversified, risk-appropriate portfolios for themselves, or update or rebalance their investments as needed.

The Folio(k) Solution

With Folio(k), you and your sponsor client easily create or select and manage the core plan investments. We’ve developed Folio(k) using our Target Date Folios—over 20 pre-designed ETF portfolios with three different risk levels that are optimized for retirement investing. Each Target Date Folio is flexible and can be customized as desired. Advisors and sponsors can also create their own Folios to take their place in the plan offerings. We believe our Target Date Folios reflect a far broader level of diversification and are more cost-effective than traditional target date funds. They are reviewed quarterly and updated if conditions warrant. Read more about Target Date Folios.

We have options where you can specifically tailor a plan’s investment lineup by incorporating any of our nearly 150 pre-assembled Ready-to-Go Folios or customized models or allocations built by you or a model manager you might utilize.

What Makes Folio(k) Better?

Sponsors are looking for a low cost, simple, 401(k) plan with transparent pricing. Folio(k) delivers:

  • Ease of use! In a Folio(k) all the investment selection, trading, custody, recordkeeping, compliance, billing, and administrative functions are fully integrated. It’s easy and efficient for financial professionals, sponsors, and participants alike.
  • Low cost! Folio(k) is a complete 401(k) solution being offered to you for about 95 bps. With such a low fee, you can offer an ultra-competitive, professionally-managed product for a fraction of the cost of a traditional 401(k). Plus, using our patented trading windows, you can actively manage and update the Target Date Folios and participant holdings without any commissions, transaction fees, or other ticket charges1—cost savings that keep more of the plan participants' assets invested for growth. And all enrollments, statements, investment requests, and plan reports are delivered online—saving everyone more time and money.
  • No “out-of-pocket” cost to Plan Sponsors! Sponsors can choose to pass on the cost of a Folio(k) to the plan itself by charging that fee across the participants’ assets. Or if the Sponsor prefers, they can pay the plan’s cost themselves, out-of-pocket, as a way of helping boost their participants’ retirement savings. Read more about Folio(k) pricing.
  • Fee transparency! Because Folio(k) is priced as a simple, single, asset-based charge, it offers fee disclosure and transparency to everyone—you, your client, and participants.

Folio(k) is truly a revolution over the traditional 401(k) plan. It’s designed to meet the cost-conscious expectations of today’s Plan Sponsors and participants by offering a better, easier, more effective retirement plan solution. Folio(k) provides a packaged 401(k) product and low-cost infrastructure which will support a competitive, innovative offering for your business clients.

1. Assumes Target Date Folios and the included ETFs are the exclusive investment choices for the plan. The disclosed expense of approximately 95 bps includes those current ETF expense ratios (so there is no extra charge to the plan for these amounts). Folio Institutional has no control over ETF expense charges.

2. Folio Institutional and Alliance Benefit Group Carolinas (“ABG Carolinas”) do not offer investment advice and make no representation, either explicit or implied, regarding the suitability of specific investments, models, or group of model investments, including specifically the Target Date Folios, for individual investors or individual retirement plans. ABG Carolinas and Folio Institutional are not fiduciaries and the Folios noted are mentioned solely as examples of low cost, diversified investments you can choose to use. Other investments are available on the Folio Institutional custodial platform. Retirement Plan Sponsors and their advisors should work together to review and choose the investments they find most appropriate and monitor them on an ongoing basis.

3. For over 20 years, ABG Carolinas has been a leading retirement plan administration and recordkeeping firm specializing in the creative design of compliant qualified retirement plans. ABG Carolinas offers retirement plan consulting and comprehensive retirement plan solutions for all types of qualified retirement plans. ABG Carolinas is not affiliated with any product or fund and does not sell any products or investments.