Margin Borrowing

When you qualify, we offer margin borrowing, enabling you to purchase additional eligible securities (including fractional shares of securities in a folio) without depositing additional funds, based on the eligible securities you already have in your eligible account. By borrowing against your securities rather than selling them, you can keep your investment strategy intact and delay capital gains (or losses) resulting from the sale of investments (consult your tax advisor for more details).

Current Margin Interest Rate

As Of September 25, 2019
Margin Tier Rate
Less than $25,000 7.25%
$25,000.01–$50,000 6.75%
$50,000.01–$250,000 5.75%
$250,000.01–$500,000 5.50%
$500,000.01–$1 million 5.25%
Over $1 million 5.00%

The margin interest rates listed on this page were current when published, but are subject to change at any time without notice.

Key Features

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Risks of Margin Borrowing