Taxes: Tax Management Advantage

Automated Tax Lots

We provide comprehensive tax lot accounting and ten automated tax relief strategies. These strategies offer you control over the size and type of capital gains and losses generated when securities are sold.

Tax Downloads

We provide several downloads allowing you to track your realized and unrealized gains and losses. The downloads include the standard tax exchange format (.TXF), so that you can import investment data into tax software like Intuit’s TurboTax and H&R Block’s At Home tax software. We also generate a completed version of IRS Form 8949, Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets, which can be printed and attached to your tax return. Please note, Intuit’s web-based TurboTax application does not accept .TXF files.

Gain & Loss Tracker

Doing your taxes is easier with us. Our Gain and Loss Tracker will show you all of your realized and unrealized taxable gains and losses at any time.

Electronic Tax Documents

All tax documents are loaded into your secure online account, where you can easily view, download and print them at any time.